Butter Outta Cream

So if you land in the gutter

Just make butter outta cream


Sometimes, things don’t seem to work out for us.  Our beautiful plans that we made that day take a terrible turn and we are left confused about what we’re doing and where we need to go on from there.  Sound familiar?  Well, the song “Butter Outta Cream” from Broadway’s Catch Me if You Can has an example and solution for this predicament.

Two little mice of great renown
fell in some milk and one proceeded to drown
The other one’s still the toast of the town
‘Cause he made butter out of cream

He looked around, deduced his plight
Said this is no way to spend a Saturday night
Yet he had the style to make things right
So, he made butter out of cream

He kicked his legs up he tossed and turned
So not to end up a ghost
He did the hokey pokey till the cream was churned
And baby he walked right out and buttered his toast

Now he’s on top for goodness sakes
Yeah he’s the big cheese up at land o’ lakes
He’s living proof that pop all it takes is a scheme
So if you land in the gutter, just make butter out of cream

Even when it feels like you’re drowning, whether it be in work, homework, or just life in general, there is always a way out.  It may seem crazy and unlikely to work. I mean, do you think that little mouse knew exactly that the cream would turn into butter?  NO! of course he had his doubts.  But he knew that trying was the only thing that could help his situation, so he did it anyway.  And you know what?  He made it out alive!  But if he had wondered about his situation and worried that he wouldn’t be able to make anything work, he would have ended up like the other mouse and drowned.

So, what can one learn from this song?  If you’re drowning in work, don’t stay like that!  Think of new ways to help your situation.  Whether it be laying off some socializing until you finish a big project, getting rid of something time consuming in your life in order to work on something important, or even asking for some help.  You have the style to make things right, so will you make butter outta cream?



Listen to the song here!